Madventures is a cutting-edge reality travel show breaking the barriers of TV entertainment. Two fearless backpackers travel around the globe on a quest to reveal the most bizarre and dangerous secrets of the planet. No crew, no security, no limits.

The comedic, action-packed TV-series is not about tourist attractions. Instead the crazy but witty host Riku Rantala and his ever-reliable director & cameraman Tunna Milonoff explore the most insane and strange destinations in the entire world – with humour and attitude.

Madventures is 100% real and authentic. No faked or staged scenes. The intrepid duo travels on a shoestring budget, carrying nothing but their backpacks and a camera. Madventures offers a year of freedom, danger and adventure. Enter the world of the modern-day Indiana Jones!

Airing rights distributed by DRG, one of the leading independent distributors of content in the world.

"Riku and Tunna are not the Jackass-style oafs they first appear... (Madventures shows) informed and articulate philosophical rambles and surprisingly robust social consciences."
— The Sunday Times
  • Broadcasted worldwide in more than 200 countries & territories (via e.g. National Geographic Adventure)
  • 10 x 22" international episodes (in English) produced in 2009 with the Travel Channel (U.S.) & Fiver (U.K.)
  • 40 x 22" Finnish episodes produced 2002-2009 with Sub (Finland)
  • Winner of 5 Finnish Emmys (The Best Entertainment Show 2005, The Best TV-show 2008 & 2009, The Best Male Presenter 2008 & 2009) and Finnish State Award for Public Information
  • 12x platinum DVD sales (over 150.000 copies)